An operator view of policy gradient methods

Made for a reading group at the Center for Safe AGI.

An operator view of policy gradient methods

Dibya Ghosh, Marlos C. Machado, and Nicolas Le Roux


We cast policy gradient methods as the repeated application of two operators: a policy improvement operator I, which maps any policy π to a better one Iπ, and a projection operator P, which finds the best approximation of Iπ in the set of realizable policies.

We use this framework to introduce operator-based versions of traditional policy gradient methods such as Reinforce and PPO, which leads to a better understanding of their original counterparts.

We also use the understanding we develop of the role of I and P to propose a new global lower bound of the expected return.

This new perspective allows us to further bridge the gap between policy-based and value-based methods, showing how Reinforce and the Bellman optimality operator, for example, can be seen as two sides of the same coin.

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